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Fire Alarms and Fire Safety in Ayrshire

We design, install and maintain fire alarm systems for homes and businesses throughout Ayrshire. Fire Alarms not only protect property but save lives!

We install, maintain and monitor all types of fire alarm systems either wire-less or hard-wired systems for commercial and domestic properties. Our systems range from conventional manual all-point system with sounders to analogue addressable including automatic detection. All our fire alarm systems are installed and maintained to BS:5898:2002 standards.

Smoke & Heat Detectors

The need to protect your business or home with smoke and heat detectors is of the highest importance. We can provide two levels of smoke and heat detectors dependant upon the level of risk and type of protection required.

Smoke and heat detectors integrated with your intruder alarm

Similar to the common DIY battery operated smoke detectors, these detectors are hard-wired back to your intruder alarm panel. This control panel provides power to the detectors throughout the property and a battery contained within the alarm panel provides backup incase of mains failure. Each smoke or heat detector can be programmed to suit its environment, such as kitchens and stairways, therefore preventing false alarms.

BS:5839:2002. Fire Detection Compliant Systems

This type of fire detection requires an independent system that offers a very high level of detection and warning and meets the strict requirements of BS5839. We install these fully maintained systems in premises where insurance assessors, fire officers, district surveyors or architects stipulate BS:5839:2002 fire detection.

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